BEATS'N'CUBES - Signed 10th years anniversary vinyl edition

BEATS'N'CUBES - Signed 10th years anniversary vinyl edition

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Etienne de Crécy's Beats'n'Cube vinyl edition (2 vinyles) - Limited edition
All packs are signed by Etienne de Crécy and numbered
10th years anniversary of the Beats'n'cubes Live show

"It’s December 7th 2007, I’m at Hall Nine of Rennes Exhibition Centre. I climb into a machine that measures six cubic metres, perched upon the Transmusicales Festival’s main stage. At this point I’m still yet to know it, but I was taking control of a vehicle that would in time send me from Australia to Peru via Mexico, the United States, Russia and Colombia.
This machine was designed by Pierre Schneider & François Wunschel aka 1024 Architectures and it works in correlation to decibels levels, lumens of light and crowd noise! To fill its tank throughout the five years of touring, I created ten tracks specifically designed to power this engine. The total sound generated had to be enough to drive the machine and the tunes had to be efficient enough for the audience to understand this concept immediately.
Until now these tracks were never officially released together and could only be heard at the shows. So to mark the tenth anniversary of the very first ‘Beats n Cube’ show, I’m uniting them all here on one album.
I hope you can feel a little bit of the energy we generated together during these shows."
Etienne de Crécy

A1. Welcome
A2. No Brain
A3. Binary

B1 We, Computers
B2. Age Of Acces
B3. Hope

C1. Big Data
C2. All Right
C3. Here We Go

D1. Super Computer (live in Shanghai)